Die Stimme der Frauen – The Vocalizing Pianist

Die Stimme der Frauen © Michiko Saiki u. a.
Die Stimme der Frauen © Michiko Saiki u. a.

Freitag, 6. Juli 2018, HfMT Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Leipzig

This is an attempt to develop a platform for women to share their personal stories through musical performance. Each composer comes from different cultural background and brought their own understanding of “Woman” or “Feminism”. This concert offers sensorial experience of what it means to be a woman in the 21 century. Michiko Saiki will present a solo theater program for vocalizing pianist in which she will be speaking, singing, or acting while performing the piano simultaneously. This concert will include video projection and some of the images may not be suitable for young children.


Junyu Guo “Lied Deines Schattens”
Rafaele Maria Andrade “Pills”
Beste Özçelebi “…for them…”
Fojan Gharibnejad “X”


Michiko Saiki – Piano | Staging and Acting direction by Hiroko Iwai