Patricia Adkins Chiti verstorben – Donne in Musica

Muse sammelt Sterne. Scherenschnitt von Adele Schopenhauer © Susanne Wosnitzka
Muse sammelt Sterne. Scherenschnitt von Adele Schopenhauer © Susanne Wosnitzka

Patricia Adkins Chiti, Gründerin und Präsidentin der Fondazione Adkins Chiti Donne in Musica (Italien) ist am 12. Juni 2018 verstorben. Wir verneigen uns in größtem Respekt vor ihrer Leistung, Frauenmusikgeschichte auch durch ein herausragendes Archiv zugänglich und erlebbar zu machen und dadurch auch ein großes Netzwerk in 111 Nationen zu schaffen, das immens dazu beigetragen hat, dass sich Frauenmusik und Frauenmusikgeschichte in der Gesellschaft zunehmend etablieren kann. Mit ihr verlieren wir eine große Streiterin und Kämpferin für die Gleichberechtigung in der Musik. Donne in Musica wurde 1978 gegründet und feiert dieses Jahr mit einem großen Call for Scores das 40-jährige Jubiläum, unterstützt und gefördert vom italienischen Außenministerium, als Mitglied im Internationalen Musikrat der UNESCO und des Europäischen Musikrats.

Aus dem Nachruf von Silvia Costa:

“Mezzo Patricia was awarded by President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi of the title of Commander of the Republic for Cultural Merit. Her pioneering role in historical research on the presence of women among musical composers and as interpreters or crew had at the base a rebellion united with a deep sense of justice: denying a historiography that in fact denied it and returning identity and honor to so many women artists and authors. For this, Patricia had been on the UNESCO Music Council and, in 1978, created the international foundation of women in music, recognized by the Italian government, UNESCO, EUC, Arab Academy, and International Music Council UNESCO.

Thanks to Patricia and her foundation, many of us have been able to meet in person hundreds of musicians and contemporary interpreters from around the world. Through its publications and extraordinary research, we have discovered the wealth and cultural diversity, the creativity of musicians that without her would not have come into international music history. Passion and competence brought Patricia as a young mezzo, to snoop and study in the innermost archives, in all places in the world where she first went as a singer and then as a musicologist. From this capillary work was born, in the 1990s, the foundation archive based in Fiuggi: Foundation Adkins Chiti: women in music. And in the municipality of Frosinone, which she so loved and where she had a beloved house, her retreat, started a very important initiative, the International Symposium of Women in Music in Fiuggi, where the historical center of the town filled with music and meetings of extraordinary musicians.

But her very important work of research, which led her to write over three hundred essays on the history of composition and musical guidelines, was aimed at a mission that committed her whole life and that, even yesterday, with a thread of voice from her bed she reminded me of in the hospital. That is to return memory and honor to women who are often ignored in Italy and Europe by official history. And so, in the first encyclopedia she wrote with Aaron Cohen, she discovered 21 thousand women of which 1200 were Italian. Patricia’s foundation promoted contemporary music through calls for young composers.”

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Gleichzeitig ist der Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne In Musica Global Women In Music for Human Rights Call for Scores zum 40-jährigen Jubiläum noch nicht abgeschlossen. Bis zum 30. Juni 2018 können noch Werke eingereicht werden. Mehr Infos dazu hier.