Repertoire Lists

The works of the Archiv Frau und Musik in the individual instrumental categories have been or will be assigned a level of difficulty, which is particularly helpful when researching for concert programs.


  • Choir repertoire of the Archive of Women in Music (pdf list)
  • Musicanet (The Musicanet database, supported by the International Center for Choral Music (ICCM), contains information on more than 200,000 scores, of which about 8,000 works by more than 2600 women composers)
  • Composer Diversity Project (The database of the Composer Diversity Project located at the State University of New York at Fredonia contains links to over 1400 women composers who have written for the genre choir, among others)
  • Choral Music by Women Composers Database (The Choral Music by Women Composers Database was created in 2015 by the Artistic Director Magen Solomon of the San Francisco Choral Artists in collaboration with Dr. Eliza Rubenstein of Orange County Women’s Chorus for a conference of the American Choral Director’s Association and contains entries for 421 works)
  • Archiv Svensk Musik (On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the Archiv Svensk Musik presented a catalogue with 2446 works by Swedish women composers on International Women’s Day 2019. The catalogue for the choral works comprises 32 pages)




  • Guitar repertoire of the Archiv Frau und Musik (xls list, researched and annotated by Heike Matthiesen, as pdf)






Piano repertoire of the Archiv Frau und Musik

  • Piano A–H (researched and annotated by Inge Matthiesen; I–Z is under progress)

String instruments


  • Trumpet repertoire (pdf, researched, annotated and published by Norbert Bos, with material of the Archiv Frau und Musik)

Wind Band Music