Digital Choir Days: #ChangeOfPlace | Choral Music by Women Composers | 29 Oct.-1 Nov. 2020

From 29 October to 1 November 2020, the Archiv Frau und Musik hosted an online conference on choral music by women composers. All videos of the eight events are available on our YouTube channel.

The title #Ortswechsel (Change of Place) isn’t solely based on the event’s move into virtual space due to the Corona pandemic, but also to the theme of the events. That year’s digitisation project #WoraufWartenWir? (What are we waiting for?), funded by the Digital German Women’s Archive (DDF), focused on the estates of the following four women composers: Weronika Aleksandra Markiewicz (1962–2003), Silvia Leonor Alvarez de la Fuente (1953–2004), Leni Alexander (1924–2005), and Felicitas Kukuck (1914–2001).

Click through the subpages of the digital Choir Days to experience the content as as it was at the time. The Choir Days were opened by our staff members Jelena Rothermel and Julian Fischer, with greetings from Dr. Birgit Kiupel. Afterwards, Sabine Fröhlich read from her monograph on the work of the Frankfurt choral conductor Margarete Dessoff (1874–1944). You can find the videos of all previously mentioned content by clicking on the subpage Margarete Dessoff | 29 October 2020.

Click on the subpage Women Composers – Exile – Power | 30 October 2020 to find the videos of the lectures by Dr. Kathrin Massar, and Prof. Dr. Annegret Huber. The focus is on exile experiences, but also on arriving in new places. On this page you can also learn more about the four female composers Weronika Aleksandra Markiewicz (1962–2003), Silvia Leonor Alvarez de la Fuente (1953–2004), Leni Alexander (1924–2005) and Felicitas Kukuck (1914–2001).

Anyone interested in diversity-conscious programme planning should also take a closer look at the subpage Concert Programme Planning | 31 October 2020. There, an online tutorial by Mary Ellen Kitchens titled How do I find choral music by women composers? as well as the video of the roundtable discussion Diversity-conscious programming of choirs are both still available

The videos of the interview with Mary Ellen Kitchens and the composers Karen Siegel, Marleen Hoffman and Alberto Arroyo, as well as the finale of the Chortag along with a digital rehearasal with the Wohin? ensemble (which is a project choir from Marburg under the direction of Mareike Hilbrig), and the Munich International Choral Society with Mary Ellen Kitchens, can be found on the subpage Choral Practise |1 November 2020. There you can experience how music by women composers can be performed together, even in times of physical distancing.

You can find the trailer for the four-day event here (in German):

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