Online Catalogs

The Archive of Women in Music’s inventory can be researched using the online catalog of the Network of Frankfurt Museum Libraries.

Due to electronic renovation work on the Frankfurt Museum Network’s pages, the online catalog is currently to be found at the following addresses, which are published in parallel.

Please be sure to search on both sites:


Tips and Tricks for Using the Catalog

By selecting AFM – Archiv Frau und Musik from the dropdown list of catalogs (“Katalog”), you can restrict the search to the Archive’s inventory.
“Verfasser” [Author]: Here you can search for composers, authors of books, publishers, or editors by entering a search term in the format Last name, first name. If you do not know the exact spelling of a name, you can add an * as a placeholder after the first few letters. For example, a search for Matus* would find the composer Matuszcak, Bernadetta.
You can use the index function to display an overview of all the composers represented in the Archive: If you enter at least two initial letters here and the click on the A-Z symbol, a new window opens with a list of all entries starting with those letters. If you click on an extry in the index, it automatically appears in the search field.

“Titel” [title]: In this search field you can search for the exact title or the exact beginning of the title. In the title search you can also use truncation.

“Schlagwort” [headword]: In the Archive of Women in Music’s catalog, you can use this field to enter orchestration options. Please note that the headword search currently uses German words only. Here, too, we recommend the use of the index function: For example, if you enter Kl and the click on the “A-Z” symbol, all available settings are displayed, from Klavier (1 Hand) [piano, 1 hand] to Klavierkonzerte [piano concertos].

“Stichwort” [keyword]: In this field you can search for any (German) word within the entire data set. It is therefore a combination of all the other fields, offering the fastest but also least specific way of searching.

The Systematik field is not used in the Archiv of Women in Music’s catalog.

You can also search in the META catalog of the Digital German Women’s Archive of the i.d.a. umbrella organisazion of all German speaking women/lesbian archives via this search mask:

The Network of Frankfurt Museum Libraries is a regional cooperation between the libraries of museums and smaller institutions, whose internet catalogs can be accessed in one place via an online portal. Thanks to support from the City of Frankfurt am Main’s Department of Science and the Arts, the Archive of Women in Music has been connected to the network’s catalog since fall 2005.