Digital Education Package: Women Composers in the Classroom!

Louise Farrenc © wikimedia.commons (gemeinfrei)
Louise Farrenc © wikimedia.commons (free use)

Conceived and written by Elisabeth Treydte

This educational package is aimed at teachers in general education schools, and is designed for teaching at the intermediate level.

It is a collection of materials that aim to provide food for thought in the classroom. The goal is to provide teachers with easy access to the topic of women and music, in order to integrate it into lessons.

Up to now, regular textbooks have focused on the traditional canon of male composers and have only occasionally included female musicians, composers, and conductors, who have always been just as active in cultural life.

The educational package would like to counter this gap in the representation of music history with some early intergration. It can only be understood as a prelude: The Education Package does not replace the necessary revision of textbooks and work materials by publishers for all types of schools. Moreover, it does not intend to develop a counter-programme to the traditional material, but an extension: it offers the possibility to tell music history as a story of diversity, and invites students to learn about composition and the making of music as an art with equal rights.

We are particularly pleased that the Noetzel publishing house has provided us with a digital score of the 3rd Symphony by Louise Farrenc (1804–1875), which we can make available to you on the following sub-page for this project. This offers you the opportunity to trace the work and its compositional subtleties in detail and to discuss it in class.

The collection of materials contains three modules: Louise Farrenc, Musician By Profession, and Best Practice. You will find these three modules together in this free downloadable PDF version.

We would be happy to include suggestions, ideas, or entire lesson concepts, or to answer your questions about further repertoire by women composers of all eras. Send an email to info[at]

Recommended citation:
Elisabeth Treydte (2021): Digitales Bildungspaket – Komponistinnen in den Schulunterricht! Hgg. vom Internationalen Arbeitskreis Frau und Musik e. V. URL: