Digital German Women’s Archive (DDF)

kick-off meeting of the DDF project in the Archiv Frau und Musik


PARFUMO: Projekt Archiv Frau und Musik Online [Archive of Women and Music Online Project]–this is the working title as we go into our project years 2018. Our goal is to digitalize and make available materials from the archive (written material, posters, images, audio and video material), as part of the network project Digital German Women’s Archive-DDF. The goal of the Digital German Women’s Archive (DDF) is to collect and present digital copies, existing data and further information on the history of the women’s movement in the form of a specialized portal. The platform went online in September 2018. An additional goal of the DDF is to present the women’s movement from 1800 with its various strands and viewpoints. Historical and current sociopolitical issues will be depicted and presented on the internet in contemporary style. In this way the DDF will offer an additional basis for research, education and informative work, making an important contribution to the politics of equality and gender. In the first phase of the project, the Archive team is selectingexhibits, letters, photographs, notes, posters, and documents from our collection. These are then digitalized and contextualized for the project in order to make them accessible to a wider public via the DDF portal.

Since the foundation of the International Working Group of Women and Music in 1979, the Archive has worked to bring together stakeholders from the area of women in music. The works and the work of women in music–including composers, conductors, performers, publishers and patrons–and creating networks between them are a particular focus area of the DDF project.

As of autumn 2018 the selected artefacts will be available online worldwide in the META Catalog of the i.d.a. umbrella organization (a consortium of German women’s and lesbian archives), as well as being distributed via the German Digital Library and