Real facts about women in composition

“The Chicago Symphony Orchestra will be presenting some 54 composers throughout its 2018-19 season. Want to guess how many of those composers are women? The number is zero. Same goes for the Philadelphia Orchestra. […] To be fair, Philadelphia has programmed women composers in the past (so has Chicago), including works by Jennifer Higdon. She’s lucky; her music gets played a lot. […] While orchestras play her music, she says they seem deaf to hundreds of other women composers. “The way of thinking in orchestras is so built on an old tradition,” she says. “They just assume that there are certain pieces they need to program, certain composers that have been done time and time again, and they just don’t think about programming women. Heck, you know what? Half of humanity is made up of women,” she says. “So why is it we only see one to two percent of the programming of women?”
Hier weiterlesen (National Public Radio: The Sound of Silence: Female Composers at the Symphony)
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