2016 Mai-4. Ursula Mamlok (1923-2016) passed away

Ursula Mamlok (1923-2016)

The German/American composer Ursula Mamlok passed away this morning in Berlin. Ursula lived a full and varied life, escaping from Nazi Germany in 1938, eventually settling in New York in 1941. A student of Stefan Wolpe, Roger Sessions, Ralph Shapey, and George Szell, Ursula produced a highly polished catalog of instrumental and vocal music. Ursula was also much-loved as a teacher of composition, and taught at NYU, CUNY, Temple University, Kingsborough Community College and the Manhattan School ofMusic.

Bridge Records mourns the loss of Ursula Mamlok, and plans to continue to celebrate her life and work through our Music of Ursula Mamlok recorded series.

(Bridge Records)

more information (german): http://www.wienerzeitung.at/themen_channel/musik/klassik_oper/817032_Komponistin-Ursula-Mamlok-gestorben.html