Online Sources & Links

Here you will find helpful additional lists with collections of links (we cannot guarantee completeness) from around the world, all about the topic “Woman and Music”.

Music Theory Examples By Women (website with a database and YouTube playlists with examples of music by women for use in music lessons).

The Big List – Women Composers Database (list created by Gabriella Di Laccio with more than 4,000 women composers, sorted chronologically through the centuries. The links mainly lead to online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia links.)| You can find an explanatory article here.

Women Composers of Wind Band Music ( list with over 400 women composers and over 1,200 works for wind instruments and wind instrument ensembles)

Composer Diversity Database (database created by Robert Deemer, expandable database with over 2,800 women composers from around the world, partly based on our database )| You can find an explanatory article here

Daniel’s Orchestral Music Online (Database created by David Daniels, includes many orchestral works by women)

KVAST – Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare / The Association of Swedish Women Composers (Database with over 800 women composers from all around the world)

Spotify playlist with australian women composers, collected by Sal Whitwell

MBC Music by Black Composers (list, includes music by 28 women composers)

Black Women’s Music Database (online library)

Great list of English speaking publications with the topic women and music (Society for Music Theory)

The Ladyslipper Catalog & Resource Guide of Music by Women (women’s music festival in the US, founded in 1976 by Laurie Fuchs) – find here the online catalog


What’s more, many other groups, institutions and enthusiastic individuals are involved in the “woman and music” topic. Here are the most important ones, which can also be found on social media:

Association of Canadian Women Composers | WOMEN CREATORS (over 3,400 members) | Frauenblasorchester Berlin | New York Women Composers Inc. | Specs On (feminist music festival in Berlin) | Frankfurt Ladyfest | Gender_Bibliothek mdwfemale:pressure | Everyday Feminism | Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls | Women, Action & the Media | Women’s Media Center | A Mighty Girl | Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media | Women for Women International | Ms. Foundation for Women | Israeli Women Composers Forum | Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy | Listening to LadiesAfrican ComposersFrauenmuseum Instanbul | Female Artists in History | Iranian Female Composers Association – IFCA | Boulanger Initiative | Heroines of Sound | Brixworth Competition for Women Composers | Componissima | Institute for Composer Diversity | Présence Compositrices

Links to women-in-music archives and publishing houses (pdf) | Links to the topic “women and music” (pdf) | Links to historical women composers (pdf) | Links to contemporary women composers (pdf) | Links to women jazz composers (pdf) | Links to female pop composers (pdf) Links to women film composers (pdf) | Links to women composers of traditional German-language pop music (pdf) | Links to women conductors (pdf) | Link to digitalized postcards of women brass bands (University of Osnabrück)